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COMMUNITY PLC 2015-16 School Year

School Spirit

Members present: D. Akin, M. Brumbeloe, E. Constant, E. Honey, M. Kane, S. Robertson

November, 2015:
*Discussed ways to recognize all staff birthdays
*Kane's "Sports Marketing" class will make posters to hang around the school with basketball game schedules

October, 2015:
*Discussed selling "SEHS Spirit Packs" to alumni. Spirit Packs would include items such as team t-shirts, event tickets, free parking passes, etc.

August, 2015:
*Celebrate every sport, decorate buildings, put up team schedules in every building
*Paint horseshoes on the roads leading around the school

Teacher Morale


MEMBERS PRESENT: D. Akin, V. Barber, M. Brumbeloe, A. Butler, E. Constant, S. Davis, J. Pilgrim, S. Robertson, V. Stewart, K. Stuart, K. Woodard
• We made the following suggestions to use as motivation or incentives for the ACT WorkKeys, the ACT Aspire, and the ACT.
o The Spirit Committee will make posters to put up around the school encouraging students to do their best on the various tests. The Library will donate poster board and markers.
o On ACT test days, offer snacks to the students, at the very least give out hard candy. Otherwise, we could offer bottled water, and possibly even set up a coffee bar. However, we would need to find a donor for the snacks/drinks.
o Have drawings for students who score within certain ranges. For example, there would be drawings for the following score ranges on the ACT:
 18-22
 23-26
 26-30
 31 and up
o Pie-In-The-Face Pep Rally
 If the overall school score is above a certain score (number yet to be determined), have a Pep Rally with the administrators getting a pie in the face.
 At the Pep Rally, certain administrators would be asked to wear the colors of the opposing team and to do battle cries for the opposing team.
• For teacher morale, the suggestion was made that teachers should be allowed to wear jeans on testing days.



Ideas were presented to help the morale of the teachers.  It was discussed that if teachers had more to look forward to that it would keep a positive attitude and outlook among faculty and staff. Some suggestions were: Team building activities Better communication between administration and faculty Teacher "shout outs" Duty Free Lunch Mentor teachers for everyone Ask others for help Treats in Teacher boxes video sent through email (fun) Quotes through email (uplifting) Personality test for faculty Work with ROTC (utilize resources)   The meeting ended with an agreement that something needed to be done, but there was not a consensus on the best way to start.  


Members were asked if they had any questions, any ideas, double checked sign in sheets.  Members still would like the Duty free lunch, more lunches brought in, and the extra jeans day as incentives to give teachers a "boost" '  


Meeting discussed the above ideas again. Duty free lunch, and extra "jeans" day, and Lunch being brought in more often were discussed.



Campus Beautification Supgroup

January 15, 2016

We signed up in our Community Group.  From there Mr. Britton and I (First Sgt Chambers) branched out in our sub-group.  We are the Beautification Sub-Group.



Old Business:

We had walked around the school grounds to ID areas of need first.

We had ID that the campus as a whole needed some picking up of trash in several areas not normally cleaned up.  We had the JROTC cadets pick up these areas.


New Business:

We ID that the stop signs in the front of the school needed to have "2015" removed as well as the sign on the way in that states the hours you may not turn left.  I emailed Dr McGowin for his guidance on the times he wants on the sign for a new one.  The hours on the old one are incorrect.  Called City Hall to get a POC to have a new sign made for No Left Turn.  They gave me the name and phone number.  I tried it with no answer.  Will keep trying today and then get back on it Tuesday if still no answer by the time I leave.  We are attempting to locate something that will take the "2015" off the stop signs without having to have them replaced.




Broke away from community PLC to form a sub group of Continuous Beautification group. We walked around campus and identified areas to be worked.
Areas Identified :
Trash cans painted & have school logo put on it.
Walls by gym (outside) cleaned of gum
Signs on windows "No guns allowed" put up neater
Walls in Hallway In old gym cleaned
Walls outside of lunchroom hall way painted
Doors in lunchroom hallway painted
Windows in classroom covered neater ( curtains?)
Field across from school worked on clearing to stream.









It has been decided by several staff members that the trees in the front of the school need to be cut down.
Roots are growing under the cement and headed to the water line.



Mrs. Shoun suggested that we put a sign up that will explain why the trees will be taken down and maybe a picture that will show how the new landscaping will look



The drink machine is here!!
Still working on snack machines (THANK YOU Mrs. Brumbeloe!)

Campus Clean-Up Day

4/11 8 a.m. (Foshee is the leader)

Teacher Shout Out

We did one and will continue!

Wall of Fame

SGA would like to do a Wall of Fame and put up pictures of accomplishments of students (Shoun)

Assembly with Wall of Fame Students

Have past students who have become successful come back and talk to grade levels in New Gym


Mrs. Shoun would like to make horseshoe prints on the way into the school on the pavement


Mrs. Harrison says she will provide the information she has been given from Susanne Goodin about attendance.
The policy is not being enforced, maybe, or credits are not being lost and there is no follow through.


Mrs. Shoun wants to make a poster for each sport and put their schedule up in each building. Mrs. Shoun would like to meet with each booster club. She said she would head that up.


Mrs. Harrison would like to sell bricks to be placed in the entry of the school.



We want to focus more on the culture of the school, and not just the way it looks.

Next steps:

Continue to do Teacher Shout Outs on the morning announcements.

Resources/support requested:

Wall of Fame resources